A Fun Day Was Had By All!

What a great afternoon!  Even the weather cooperated for the most part.

The kids had a lot of fun doing their Easter egg hunt.  There were 11 eggs each (all filled with candies and other little goodies).  That worked out good, otherwise the bigger ones would have had them all!

The food, of course, was great.  My SIL is pretty amazing when it comes to putting on a big spread.  Two kinds of quiches, two different kinds of chicken wings, salads, a ham and I can’t remember what else….but a lot and all delicious.

After brunch and the hunt, the guys took the kids out again and kicked around soccer balls for a while.  That’s when it hits you…….Ken should have been there too!  Later when everyone just sitting around talking, the same thing.  The family, now extended with the kids spouses and grandkids, is like a big jigsaw puzzle…..BUT with that one piece that went missing….never to be found again.  There is an empty space, that hole, now in the family.

Overall though, I could not have asked for a more fun day.  It was chaotic at times, but that’s what makes these days all the more fun.

One of the little toys in the eggs were wibbly, stretchie bunnies in all different colours…..and they’re fun because you can throw them against the wall…..or the ceiling….and they stick, for a while…or longer. Which is inevitably what happened, only it wasn’t one of the grandkids, it was my son that managed to get one stuck on the ceiling….that is 20 feet up!  Then the ceiling fan goes on….high speed, then the long handled broom/window washer thing came out, which just ended up flattening the bunny on the ceiling more….lots of laughs and everyone having a go at trying to get the damn thing down….it did eventually come down.  My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

The drive there and back is over an hour but lots of nice scenery on the way in the daylight!  My daughter was with me so having company in the car on one of these drives is good.

We were so full from brunch, dinner ended up being a bowl of soup at 9:30 last night….which neither of us really needed even then…..I couldn’t even eat one girl guide cookies!  I’d bought two boxes from my granddaughter……normally those don’t even last a day around here!





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