Happy Easter!


Today is a happy/sad day for me.  I’m looking forward to brunch, the egg hunt and seeing all the family this afternoon, but it’s also impossible not to think about that life changing Easter Sunday two years ago!

I know all the fun, noise, chaos and everything that goes with getting 25+ people (9 little ones ages 6 mos to 7 years) together will keep my mind going in a different direction.  Now we just have to hope the weather picks up a little by this afternoon!!  It’s drizzling here now but a little less than it was earlier….no sign of breaks in the clouds yet but it is supposed to clear up as the day goes on.

Last night I had so much fun!  A phone call yesterday morning from one of the “old girlfriends” with an impromptu dinner invitation was perfect.  They’d picked up a turkey yesterday morning and she decided to cook it!   Her brother and his wife were there….I don’t think I’d seen him for 20+ years!!  Another old girlfriend and her husband, my friends mother-in-law and their daughter and her boyfriend….so a lot of us.  Lots of yakking, good wine, good food and just a really good time.

I had found some old pictures while doing some of my cleaning and decluttering…..very old pics from when we were in our teens!! I took those along for a few laughs.  One of them was of L and I in her backyard wearing bathing suits that we’d made….her daughter got quite a kick out of that one!  Others from Halloween parties and random pics from each others weddings, pics from our summer days spent at the beach etc.  So much fun looking at those with people who are in them!!

Off to ENJOY my day!



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