Last Minute Stuff

It’s not really “last minute” yet and hopefully if I get all this done today, I won’t be running around next Saturday doing whatever it is I need to do!

I’m so organized…’s almost a little scary.  But really…..whatever I forget shouldn’t be that drastic….it’s not like I’m not going to a civilized place here!

I do have to make sure I pay my local municipal utility tax before I go.  It’s due on March 31, so should be paid before I leave anyway but it’s one of those things that gets overlooked every now and again and I hate having to pay that 5% penalty if you do forget.  I’ve got it on the calendar, which is good but that bill is in one of those piles of papers that I’ve stashed in a drawer somewhere.  I have a few days to find it… long as I remember to look for it!!  Ken would usually drop the payment off, the morning it was due, on his way to work or after he was home, he could go anytime to do it….it’s been awhile of course since this has happened, which is why the darn thing didn’t get paid on time one year…..

No plans for tonight so I think I’ll start my packing……if the clothes are out of sight, out of mind, I won’t be tempted to wear any of it before.  Not a problem right now with the capris, but those white tee shirts…..especially new ones…..hmmmm.

Had a nice visit with my nieces and great/grand nephew yesterday.  It’s not very often that I get to chat with just them.  They came by to pick up the goodies for Easter……they’re going out to their Moms tonight, so saves me getting there early tomorrow.  I hope the weather cooperates for the Easter egg hunt…’s not supposed too but everyone has been warned that it will go, outside, rain or shine and to come dressed for the weather.  I’ll have to remember to take my camera!!  I always seem to forget to take it to these things.  I do have the phone but it doesn’t take the best pictures.

I’m contributing a fruit plate for tomorrows brunch.  Much better than having to cut up veggies……yuck.  I always ask if I can bring something to these things, but if whoever says a veggie plate, I cringe…..or making a tossed salad.  Probably my two least favorite things to ever make or have to take somewhere.  Fruit though… problem.

My hair…..what do I do?  That’s my mini crisis for the day.  I thought I’d let it grow so I could put it up and out of the way (and my hat will fit better!!) but it’s such a disaster right now I’m tempted to just go and get it all hacked off….which I know I’ll be sorry I did when it’s a fly away, frizzy mess when I’m gone.  It’s easier to keep the frizz under control when it’s pinned up and hidden……hmmmmm.




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