Good Trip Shopping!

Had a couple of good shopping days!  I think I’m all set now.  It’s not very often I find things that I like AND that fit!  Very excited about a couple of tee shirts…..relaxed fit but not sloppy looking and just what I needed to hide that stupid “back fat”.

IMG_8701 - Copy

New jeans (skinny-ish ones!!), tees, shirt and sandals……boring but at least colour coordinated!!

(Not sure why wordpress is insisting on turning my picture around!  I’ve rotated it in all directions and regardless of which one I use, it’s coming up sideways…..oh well!!)

It’s not the most glamourous of wardrobes for sure, but certainly practical and comfortable which is what is important.  And it’s colour coordinated!  Along with these new things, I’ll have my black pants, denim and black capris, one pair of black shorts (which are just about capris…..because shorts more than an inch or two above the knee just aren’t ever going to happen again).  My sketchers and one other pair of sandals and that should be more than enough.

Everything for this trip has come together really good.  Just getting in touch with all our rentals now to confirm arrival times, where to pick up keys etc.  One guy is even going to pick us up at the bus depot!  That’s in Mendoza and will be very nice and convenient after our 7 hour bus ride over the Andes from Valparaiso, Chile.

After sorting out the credit card issues, I’m feeling good about this whole trip now.  Just have to get some sort of cell phone package that will cover texting and some phone calls, otherwise the roaming charges would end up cost the same as another trip!

Today is Good Friday.  Absolutely no plans for me.  I kind of like that but I also miss doing something.  Usually there would be a dinner somewhere but no so this year.  I honestly can’t remember if we did anything last year.  Sunday is the family brunch and an easter egg hunt at my BIL/SIL’s place, which will be fun as everyone, except for one niece, will be there.  This is not one of my favorite holidays anymore.

It’s been almost 2 years, which is so hard to believe.  Ken passed away on Easter Sunday.  But because Easter is different every year, it’s like I have to go through “that day” not just once a year, but twice.  This weekend and then again on April 20th.  Last year we “celebrated” his life in Hawaii, this year I’ll be somewhere in Argentina.  I’ll celebrate with a toast to him and a tear or two.  Someone suggested taking some of his ashes with me on my trips and leaving a bit wherever I go…..kind of like him coming along and being there too.  It’s sort of a good idea but not sure if it would work….what if they took the ashes at airport security or something like that.  I guess a little bit would still be left there but I know how much he hated going through security at airports, so not a place he’d be happy to be left at!!



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