Credit Cards

You gotta love them but………

What a pain when something happens!!  I’m not sure why I can’t access mine online….apparently I need to contact them to reset my password????  Why???

Went to use it at the vets the other day and it wouldn’t validate….contacted them and had to reset the PIN?  Why???

This wouldn’t be a huge big deal normally…’s happened before because the noticed a “different spending habit” or something they thought was suspicious spending on my account.  I do appreciate that they do that but it’s all really quite inconvenient.  I have to call them to reset the password and physically go into my bank to have the PIN reset, all of which I’ll do today.  I know from a previous experience that IF some wonky charges have gone through, they’re very quick to rectify it.  My concern now though is that I’m off on vacation in just over a week and need this card.  I hope I don’t have to get a new one with a different number…..I know this one off by heart!

I really don’t use my card that often and I do have another one if worse comes to worse but doing all this stuff wasn’t on my “to do” list for today.  Oh well, the positive to this is that I’ll be dressed and ready to go out nice and early and all the other stuff on my list will still be there when I get home.

My house looks and smells so good.  I love it the first few days after the cleaning lady has been here… really gives me incentive to keep on top of everything  ie. not let the clutter accumulate on the kitchen counters and the mail on the steps!!  I am getting better at this….it’s nice to have a tidy AND clean house!

Spent a fun afternoon with Bev yesterday while the cleaners were here.  We had lunch and played Spite and Malice.  That was the first time this month, and it’s almost over!!!  We play for a .25 a point and settle up at the end of the month.  Last month I had to pay her $2.50!  So far this month, she owes me .50……but we’ll hopefully get in one more afternoon next week and all that could change.  It’s a fun game, although we do curse and swear a lot, and a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Ok I’m off to sort out my credit card issues… excitement for the day!







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