Great Little Trip!

Had such a good time with my friends…….lots to eat, lots to drink and just lots of fun.

It’s so nice to be able to feel comfortable with people….even when staying with them 24/7.  We talked and laughed about anything and everything.  The weather was pretty good, other than the odd bit of rain, we even managed to see some sun and it was mild enough to spend the afternoons sitting on the deck admiring the view.  In another month or so they’ll have the Alaska cruise ships coming and going daily, which are fun to watch go by.

Even the drive and ferry over and back, including having to go through a tunnel which I hate doing, was good.  It’s only a 40 minute ferry ride but lots to see along the way….soon the whales will be heading up that way and you’re often treated with pods of them.

I did have a couple of moments over the last couple of days.  Going up to their place would have been something that Ken would have really enjoyed.  The trip over and their place…..I’m pretty sure he would have spent most of his time out on the deck with the binoculars or N’s big telescope.  That made me a little sad….teary actually,  but it is what it is and I know I can’t dwell on it because what can I do about it???

Yesterday was back to normal pretty quickly… to the vet, shopping, cleaning, or at least de-cluttering, the house for the housekeeper……

I’ve got to sit down in the next day or two and print off and put together all my trip stuff….I can’t believe that is in less than two weeks.  Too soon to start packing but I can make up my packing list.  I am NOT going to over pack for this trip.  We’ll have a washing machine at all the places we’re staying so there should be no need to pack a ton of stuff.  Shirl and I went shopping and I found a couple more white tee shirts, which you can never go wrong with.  I’ll take my sketchers and a pair of sandals…maybe two….and flip flops.  I don’t think there will be anything that we’ll have to get dressed up for, so no heels or fancy shoes.  It will get a bit chilly in some places in the evenings so I’ll need a light jacket, which I’ll probably just wear enroute.

I definitely have enough to keep me busy over the next week!!






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