A Retreat?


The line that really caught my eye was “Here you will relax, recharge your batteries and be inspired for the next steps in your own life’s chapters.” 

Wouldn’t this be a fantastic trip?  Kind of like getting a kick start for moving on…..there is just so much that we can do with our lives…..even on our own and enjoy it.  I think this would really motivate you to do that.  After spending a week having a great time, eating fantastic food, drinking some good wine, exploring and doing things that many of us would never normally do….riding bikes, picking olives, hiking through vineyards….

Maybe this could be a way for many of us, who are e-friends, to connect…..to sort of take that starting over step together.  A “Widows Getaway”…..but we’d have to be “Wild Widows”…….time to starting having fun!  I think we’d have a great time!

It’s not cheap but as my daughter said “it’s one of those once in a lifetime things…..if you can do it Mom, just do it”.  Debbie also offers getaways for groups, which would hopefully be a little cheaper…..like buying in bulk!!

I can truly see myself enjoying a trip like this…..really enjoying it.  Hmmm…….

For those in the US or other than Canada, Debbie Travis is a DIY, reno, decorating guru from Canada that has been on TV for eons…..her first show was call the “Painted House”…..Ken didn’t like me watching that show because she had some wonderful ideas….like “sponge” painting walls!

Today though, I’m off to the travel clinic to get my yellow fever vaccination….which is suggested for Brazil, where we will go on one of our days in Puerto Iguazu to see the falls from that side.  Other than that there is nothing else needed that I don’t already have.  That’s a good thing too because this shot is $150!!  It’s not something normally needed around here, so not covered through my medical plan.  I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry and with this vaccination, it lasts a lifetime…no boosters required.

I can’t believe that trip is only two weeks away!  Everything is done, accommodations booked, bus tickets for the trip from Valparaiso to Mendoza booked, car rented, inter-Argentinian flights booked…..I am ready.  Over the next week I’ll put together my little binder with copies of all the tickets and confirmations and other bits of miscellaneous information.  Sounds like the weather is going to be quite comfortable….not too hot or humid, except perhaps at Iguazu, nice tee shirt weather through the day, a little chillier at night (light jacket kind of chilly….) and lots of sun 🙂

Had a great dinner last night at D & B’s.  They did a “skirt steak” on the BBQ.  It had been marinated most of the day in a chimichurri type rub/marinade.  The flavours were terrific.  For appies we’d have some smoked chorizo and other sausage, which I ate way too much of to start but it was so good I couldn’t help it.

A couple of bottles of great wine, all from the Mendoza Valley….a malbec, which went really well with the meats and a pinot gris that was so smooth and easy to drink with the cheese.  Lots of chatting and talking about where we’ll go next…..maybe a couple of weeks in a “villa” in Italy…..everyone thought that would be a great thing to do next year.  Certainly cheaper than Debbie’s retreat!




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