Another Beautiful Day

It’s like spring has finally arrived!  Highs today will be creeping up close to 20C/70F.  Yesterday people were in shorts and tee shirts….probably even more today.  Unfortunately it’s going to be short lived if the weather forecast is to be believed…..ah sigh.  It’s going to change on Sunday so I’ll take what I get and enjoy it to the max 🙂


Lunch yesterday was so much fun….there was 6 of us, one a new friend that one of the girls used to work with….she’s retired too and lives close….and has a pool!!!.  Lots of laughs….and green beer AND wine.

Dinner with my ex-SIL was fun too.  Roasted a chicken, Italian style (?), veggies and salad with a French vinaigrette dressing.  She’s doing so well I hope it continues for a long time to come.  She’s slowly putting some weight back on….still skinny as a rail at 95lbs but looking and feeling really good.

Besides having those two things on my calendar for the same day, it was also the birthday lunch for one of the “old girlfriends”.  It was changed from last Saturday….which I couldn’t make either….to yesterday.  I’m always sorry to miss one of those lunches because it isn’t often that everyone makes it anymore.  There are 7 of us left (lost one a couple of years ago to a heart attack).  Five or six usually make it for these lunches.  I do see one or two of them more often but it’s nice to see everyone at least once or twice a year.

Tonight I’m off to a friends for dinner…..they are doing “Asado”, which is Argentinian BBQ.   That means a lot of meat with chimmichuri to go with it…….  This is the best sauce ever!!  It makes anything and everything taste so good……..I could almost eat the sauce by the spoonful.  I’m really looking forward to diner because both him and her are really good cooks, so I know it’s going to be as authentic as possible….hopefully less the offal bits though.  I’ve got two bottles of Argentinian wine (white and red) to take, so I’m all set for the evening.

I think today will be a yard work day.  The ground has dried up a bit, no more mud puddles in my backyard, so it’s a good day to get out there and do a bit of clean up.  I’ve got more ferns to get rid of, which are probably going to be easier to dig out now because they get too big.




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