Happy St Patrick’s Day

Top o’ the mornin’ to everyone!


And a beautiful morning it is!  Chilly but bright and sunny….the best kind of day.

I’m off to lunch today with some friends, which will be lots of fun.  I picked up some fun little St Patrick’s Day things (bead and green leis) at the dollar store.  Were going to a pub so normally this would turn into dinner too but I can’t stay all afternoon because my ex-SIL is coming for dinner so I have to have all my wits about me to do that!  And of course the drinking and driving thing…..it’s one glass of either green beer or wine for me.  That is more than enough in the afternoon.  My biggest problem of the day is what to wear!  I have no green clothes….not one of my fav colours.  The only thing I have is a scarf, which I bought eons ago in Hawaii….it’s going to have to do…and it is quite pretty.


Ah sigh…..another double booked day……I so hate to miss out on anything and I can handle lunch and dinner.

I had become addicted to Angry Birds….which is a stupid game that my daughter installed on my phone and iPad.  I had her take it off both of them yesterday.  I completely wasted two days playing that!  Seriously…..I have one of those addictive personalities, which can be a little scary when combined with OCD.  It can consume my life!  Last night I was doing my laundry, which should have been done Monday, at 10PM!  I thought I’d just sit down yesterday afternoon for a bit and play it…..that morphed into 3+ hours…..absolutely ridiculous!  Since I can’t control myself the best thing to do was just get rid of it….and I’m so techie challenged that it’s not worth the time and effort for me to try and put it back on.

Years ago when we were planning a holiday I could get like that too.  I would spend endless hours online looking for hotels or vacation rentals, the best airfares, what to see and do wherever we were going.  Often it would be after midnight by the time I’d shut it down…..and then I’d be so wound up I couldn’t sleep!  But it was fun because there was something to look forward to at then end of all that research.  No so with Angry Birds!!!  I caught myself a few times cursing and swearing at my phone for goodness sakes!!  Not good, so it had to go.

So today my life was back to normal….bed made, dishes loaded in dishwasher, cat’s fed……all before 10AM!

Hope everyone has a great day and that there is a pot at then end of that rainbow….if not filled gold, filled with happiness because St Patrick’s Day is just a fun day 🙂



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