I was so very happy yesterday when I walked in to the kids place!  My DIL has been busy!

She has a beautiful old oak sideboard, that was her grandmothers.  It’s in what used to be the dining room, but is now the “playroom”.  It was covered with at least 3 feet of STUFF!!  Papers, toys, packages of diapers, medicine, shoes, wrapping paper, just about anything and everything piled up, just ready to topple over at any moment.  There wasn’t even a corner of the cabinet visible.  She had spent hours going through it all and either putting it away or throwing it away.  There were a few odds and ends left on it but it was so nice to finally see it again.

She’d also been busy getting loads and loads of laundry done and sorting through it, getting rid of what didn’t fit the kids.  The kitchen was passable…..not sure why a quick wipe of the stove can’t be done after dinner but I won’t go on about that, it’s trivial compared to everything else.  There was still room on the counters…..those empty spaces were usually quickly taken over by whatever was in hand.  The bathroom was clean too!

I know this is hard for her but I could tell yesterday that she’s feeling pretty good about the progress that she’s making…..there is still a big of a roadblock/rockfall blocking that tunnel but now with just a teeny, little bit of light starting to show through.  Can it continue?  I really hope so.     I know she’d love to have her “Mommy group” friends over and maybe one day, sooner than later, she will be able to do that!

I made sure I complimented her….and my son…..about that sideboard and the fact that the kitchen hadn’t turned back into a complete disaster over the week.  It also makes me feel that all is not totally lost here and my efforts to help are being appreciated.

When I first started going over I was going to take pictures….before and after ones….but that didn’t seem right so I didn’t.  I did take a couple to show my friend B, who is now a retired social worker, just to make sure I wasn’t overreacting to the mess.  She assured me that I wasn’t and it’s exactly the type of situation that they were often brought into after an emergency call, by fireman or parameds, to a home.

My granddaughter and I spent rest of the afternoon, after they got home from her appointment, going through all the clean clothes, sorting out what she wanted to keep, what didn’t fit, what was ripped etc. and then organizing the drawers of her dresser……of which when we started were completely EMPTY!!   Once we’d had the keep piles, she sat and folded tee shirts, tights and pants and hung up dresses in the closet.  She was quite happy…..better than having to sort through a pile of laundry each morning to find something to wear to school!!    Fingers are crossed that she can keep it up.

After lunch the two little ones and I clean chairs… chairs.  They each had a little scrubby sponge and worked away at that for a half hour or so while my grandson taught us songs he’d learned in preschool.

Definitely a slow process but at least there is some progress……which I haven’t seen before when I’ve attempted to help.  Is it possible that this time, using the slow and steady approach, it might actually work?  There is still a long ways to go but……..





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