I Love Clean Sheets!

That is one of the best things about Sundays….or sometimes Mondays depending on what else is going on.

For as long as I can remember Sunday has always been “change the sheets” day.  Sunday night getting into the bed with nice, clean and freshly smelling sheets makes me feel really good and I seem to sleep so much better that night.  The pillow slips are the best….with the nice creases in them from ironing.   And yes, I do iron them and the top sheets……I would like to iron the fitted ones, but it’s enough of a challenge just folding them!

When I was a kid my Mom used to hang everything up outside….the good old days of clothes lines.  The smell of that laundry was so nice.  I don’t think there was fabric softner back in those days or if there was I’m pretty sure my Mom never used it.  I do remember when we got a dryer…..my Mom hated it…… and for many years continued to hang stuff out on the line unless it was pouring rain.

When I leave on a vacation I always change my sheets….even if it’s not a Sunday. There is nothing better than coming home, especially after a long flight, and getting into bed with those clean sheets.

I think laundry and cleaning the house….and all the de-cluttering/de-hoarding….I’ve been doing is very therapeutic for me.  I’ve never, ever been a clean freak, and I’m still not, but coming home to a relatively neat, tidy and, theses days, fairly clean house is the best feeling ever…..and it’s kind of a calming effect.  When I walk in and I’m not faced with a pile of dishes in the sink or “stuff” scattered here, there and everywhere it’s a really good feeling.

Before…..back in the caregiver days…..I actually dreaded walking in the door sometimes.  Besides the stress of Ken being sick, coming home to house that looked like a bomb went off in it, was so overwhelming.  It took all the energy I had to deal with that….and obviously now after the fact, I realize that I just didn’t deal with it most of the time, period.  Of course that wasn’t the priority in my life….who cared if the place was a disaster?

But now, in hindsight, it’s too bad I didn’t work up a bit more energy to get that mess cleaned up because I think that would have made a big difference in my anxiety levels back then…..oh well.  I did finally, after a couple of years, have a cleaning lady come in once a week, which certainly helped a lot.

She came on Saturday mornings…..the house always smelled so good after she left.  I think she used Pledge on my furniture (which I didn’t really want her to do…but who cared!) and some type of Swiffer cleaning stuff on the floors.

We had also started getting a guy in to cut the grass….he came on Fridays.  These two things made me enjoy the weekends a lot more….that was after I’d raced around Saturday morning before the cleaning lady got here, picking up scarves, shoes, clothes, and whatever else I’d managed to leave laying around through the week.

Maybe I’m stretching it a bit….at least in the excitement department….but I am enjoying myself doing this today!






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