Lazy Morning

Which is really nice after the hectic week I’ve had!

It’s after 11 and I haven’t even showered and dressed yet.  I’ve been pretty good about sticking to my 10:30 rule but this morning I’m taking my time and doing a lot of nothing.

I still have this weekend mentality that I can’t quite shake even after being retired for almost a year.  Most of my friends are retired now, so it’s not like we have to wait for the weekends to get together…..just about any day of the week works!

Yesterday was actually fun with the little ones.  The oldest was off to Children’s Hospital for her first treatment with a biologic drug.  They dropped the other two off at 7AM so an early start for all of us.  Fun as it was, by dinner time I was really just wanting some ME time…..just ME.  Three times in one week is maybe a little too much.  I love them dearly but I think the babysitting…..and when I’m at their house the cleaning…..starts to frustrate me a little bit and the last thing I want to do is get angry or cranky with them….any of them.

My son mentioned all the things they had to do on Sunday, which included get one here, there and the other everywhere else….a couple of which didn’t include all the kids…..I suggested that they have another Grandpa and that maybe he’d enjoy one or two of them for the day!!!   Apparently they have a sick dog…..SO WHAT!  There are two of them there, Grandpa and his wife, who loves the kids, so much easier to keep them occupied or do other things when there are two of you!

Tonight I’m off to my brothers early for a game marathon and dinner.  Those are lots of fun, other than having to drive home by myself at the end of the evening.  At least going early I can enjoy a glass of wine or two before switching to water or coffee (decaf!).

Tomorrow, if I have my way, will be an even lazier day than today has been so far.

I’ve got some trip stuff I can do like printing everything off and putting it all in order and making my packing list.  It’s my job to look into the car rental for a few of the days that we’re in Mendoza (for winery tours!!)  That trip is only 3 weeks away….I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by…’s time to start planning the next trip!  With who and where is yet to be determined but I can have a look at that bucket list and put some feelers out for the next destination.





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