Ack…..Too Much To Do!

I really need to plan my time a little better.  Keeping busy is important to me but I think I’m taking it a little too far.

Yesterday I didn’t even open my laptop!  Out the door early, picked my grandson up from pre-school and spent the rest of the afternoon at their place, babysitting and cleaning.

Today I’m out for lunch AND dinner.  Had to decline another dinner invitation.

Tomorrow I’m babysitting again….really early, like 8AM because it’s my granddaughters first infusion of the biologic drug for her arthritis.

Saturday, I’m off to my brothers for dinner…..had to turn down the “old girl gang” birthday lunch invitation in the afternoon because I just couldn’t make it from there to dinner on time.

All this with vet appointments in between for not just Buddy,the renal failure cat, but now Flop, the old mama cat, who has infected, sort of ingrown dew (?) claws…….more medicine for her.  I think they take pity on me there because they didn’t charge me for the last appointment, except for the meds……or maybe after so many visits you get one free!!  These kitties are breaking my bank account but what else can you do…..

So far I have nothing planned for Sunday and my goal is to keep it that way!

When it rains, it pours.  Literally……big wind storm and lots of rain last night but luckily no power outages here…..I did have candles ready to go just in case.

I really hate to turn down an invitation to do anything, especially at this time of year when the weather is kind of crummy….it’s nice to have lots of company and lots to do but…..

Next week I have things planned for Thursday and Friday only……

My trip is coming up quickly too and I still have things to do for it… get some pesos for both Chile and Argentina.  The exchange kiosk at the mall doesn’t carry those currencies so I’ll have to order some from my bank, which takes a week or two, or find one of those currency/bullion places around here….that might save me a few bucks.  And I have to get my booster Twinrix shot and a yellow fever shot because of going to the Brazil side of  Iguazu Falls.

There never seems to be a dull moment around here…..I think this would all be driving Ken crazy…..he liked his quiet time and really didn’t enjoy being on the go all the time.  But then my life would be different wouldn’t it if he were still here.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be crazy busy all the time, which I know is entirely my own fault.  Some of the stuff I do, or have to do,  would be shared of course,  he could have gotten the pesos, called and made appointments at the travel clinic, renewed my car insurance, taken the cats to vet……yes, lots of things.

Off to get ready for brunch/lunch today.  Going to a great little bistro that has jazz jam sessions…..the plan was to head down to the marina after for a walk but I don’t think the weather is going to co-operate for that…..hmmmm, maybe shopping instead!!





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