Happy International Women’s Day!


We ARE strong and we ARE invincible…….WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

A fun, quick visit with N & S……..they survived the blow up bed……even said it was comfy!  Hopefully by the next time they come over I’ll have a real bed in that room.

Some other neighbours dropped by for a drink before dinner, so lots of catching up.  Dinner was only OK….it was good but not as good as I’ve made it before.  At least we had good wine!  The leftovers yesterday were better, covered in gravy!

After lots of yakking, Neil went to bed and us girls got our jammies on and with our glasses of wine headed downstairs to watch the grand finale of Downton Abbey…then much speculation on who the next spin-off series would be about.

They left for his appointment around 10:30 yesterday, which was good timing because I got an emergency babysitting call.  My DIL has the stomach bug that has gone through their house, so needed some sleep.  A fun day with the kiddies….doing some cleaning and then once the oldest was home from school the girls did our nails.  Karter was just recovering from the bug, so had gone to nap with his mom.

I had to leave before my son got home but got their dinner started for him and I left with a big bag of laundry……that had taken over the stairs.  I just hate that after watching a “Hoarders” show where they did a fire drill and the kids were tripping and falling over each other coming down the stairs because of all the stuff……too scary!!

So today, along with my laundry I’ll be doing a couple of loads of theirs.  The kitchen was definitely a little tidier than usual, so I’m hoping they can keep it like that.  Where to attempt a clean up next is a challenge.  Do I start from the bottom up….make room in their basement?  Or do you start from the top down?  I just don’t know.  They have way too much stuff……way too much.  It’s a daunting task that I’m not sure I can keep up….or I guess I should say that THEY can keep up.

I know Ken would tell me I’m crazy and to mind my own business…..although he’d probably be right in there, especially in their basement, hauling all the bigger pieces of furniture and things like that.  It worries me so much and I think they do, I know my son does for sure, appreciate my attempt to help them.  I just have to be careful I don’t overstep the boundaries.  Yesterday I didn’t even ask….I just bagged up all those clothes and brought them home with me.  I assume they’ll notice the pile gone….but then again maybe not!

Buddy the cat is doing really good!  He’s skinny as heck but eating, going outside and kind of being his old self.  The daily fluids we give him as helping I’m sure but it’s not the easiest thing for us to do and I don’t know what my daughters going to do when I’m off on vacation because it’s not a one person job.  Maybe by then he’ll only need it every second day or she can make arrangements to take him in every other day……





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