An Article….About Me!

Must give all the credit to my SIL, Diana, for making it a great article.  But I really don’t think I’m that inspirational…..I’m just not patient and that’s why I do what I do.

I pay for it of course more often than not with a sore back.  It’s kind of how I’ve been now for a number of years.  It started when Ken got sick……you just have to do what you do.

There was one little error though… blog isn’t for Kidney Cancer Canada, but it was thanks to one of the gals from that site that got me started blogging.  It has helped me for sure get through these last couple of years and it sounds like it’s helped a couple others too to deal with their grief and moving on with life.  There isn’t really any other option is there?  At least not for me…..I hate grief so much, I hate that feeling of emptiness and sadness that goes with it so I chose to fight it.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t grieve or that I still don’t have those moments….I do but it’s the willpower to have that moment….or hour or two….and then move on.  It sounds simple but sometimes it’s taken every bit of strength I have,  mentally and physically, to get up and change direction.  It’s called survival for me……

Today is a beautiful sunny day, which is a real treat from the weather we’ve had the last couple of weeks so I’m going to take advantage of it and do some more of my outside jobs.  The kids are coming over so I’m going to put them to work too…..birdfeeders need filling, half of my backyard needs some grass seed and weeding, all things they like to help with.

The carnival last night was fun… you were 6 years old!  The kids had a good time of course, but truthfully I was ready to leave as soon as I got there……mad, mayhem, chaos or whatever you want to call it when you have what seemed like hundreds of little kids playing carnival games.  They enjoyed which made it worthwhile.  BUT…..I really thoroughly enjoyed my nice glass of wine and quiet once I got home!



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