Nice Afternoon With My Grandson

His Mom dropped him off just before lunch.

He helped me set up the blow-up bed (with legs!), which he thought was a lot of fun!  I had a box of junk left in that spare room where he found a map, or overview, of Venice.  He was quite taken with it and even more so once I explained to him that those lines weren’t roads but canals.  We then had to go online to see where Venice was….he also thought Italy was cool….”cuz it looks like a shoe”.  I told him that Grandma and Grandpa had stayed there so after dinner I got out the pictures.  Then he found the chess set!  I played years ago but I’ll leave it to his Dad to teach him how to play.

That map came with us to Safeway and then the car wash after.  It was a nice time with just him.  He’s a totally different little guy when his sisters are around.

Dinner was good but got off to a bit of an interesting start……Bev had given me a hunk of salmon, sockeye salmon…so really nice….I thought I’d do a Salmon Wellington for dinner.  All thawed and ready to go about 4:30 only to discover, after unwrapping it, that it was just that….a hunk of salmon….not a filet, which I kind of thought it was going to be.  Out came half a dozen knives, needle-nose pliers and whatever else was needed to cut it in half and debone it.  I had done that once or twice, back in Ken’s fishing days he’d caught a few, but it had been a while.  I absolutely HATE bones in fish, so it took me a little while to get it ready, but I did it.  Dinner was a little later than planned but damn good, if I do say so myself!

My son came by to pick up Karter and ended up staying for dinner too because of an accident/traffic jam on their route home….but neither of them are big salmon fans, so they had hotdogs, beans and tater tots…….oh well.

Cleaning out that spare room was such an accomplishment for me.  It looks really nice in there now, blow up bed and all.  I didn’t take a before picture because it was just so bad….I called it my hoarder room….and I would have been very embarrassed to show it.  A few more things to go to recycling or the dump but surprisingly most of the accumulated stuff in that room was simply things that had not….for years….been put where they belonged!  And lots of paper….more paper!


Just the duvet to put in the cover on the end of the bed and that’s it!

Again paper that wasn’t filed in the cabinet or recycled when it should have been.  I’m making a lot of progress with everything around here and it’s finally starting to show now.  It just amazes me that when your life is put on hold for a few years, like our was, that it takes another few years to get it all back to the way it was.  I wish I could get it done quicker but it is what it is and it WILL all get done.  Then what will I do???

Relax a little….maybe that unsettled feeling will go away….maybe…….

Tonight is Carnival night at the school down the street so my son and the kiddies are coming over.  We’ll head over after dinner.  A fun evening!



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