Go, Go, Go…..

That’s what it seems like I’ve done the last couple of days!

Today is Thursday, I think!  Tuesday, for the best part was spent doing cat things…..poor Buddy.  He’s just OK and stinks to high heaven.  First visit was because my daughter and I failed miserably at getting the fluids into him….way more on us and the couch.  When I picked him up on Monday he didn’t smell so good but the vet tech didn’t notice it….I’m sure her nose has been desensitized over the years.  As the day progressed he reeked even more and seemed to be having some backend issues.  Apparently cats too have some glands back there, like doggies, that will plug up so off we went to have his fluids done there and a clean up done.  Next, after bringing him home, was to the pharmacy to pick up the special meds the vet ordered for him….line up that took forever to get through…then back to the vets to drop it off so they could repackage it into cat size doses…..that took a couple hours of my afternoon!  Then, at 5, it was back to the vet for the shot, that he needs once a week now, for his anemia.  Back home well after 6 because we had to wait around the vets for almost an hour to make sure he didn’t have a reaction to the shot!

I was supposed to babysit too but my son called in the morning to say they weren’t coming because some of them were sick!  This turned out to not be a bad thing for me……I had Bev on standby for back up babysitting duty just in case…..

Yesterday was getting the last bits of stuff done for my daughters apartment.  All the staging was done and it looks so cute!  It’s amazing what a couple of pictures and big bowl of green apples can do to a room.  The oven needed cleaning, which is a 3+ hour process and not one that you don’t want to be around for.  Even after the cleaning, a bit of scrubbing was needed but it looks very nice now.  Enroute to her place I had to stop a couple of places….some new, nice towels for my overnight guests that are coming on the weekend….some groceries and the hardware store to pick up a new toilet seat for her.  On the way I was kind of wondering why I was doing this…..but why not?  I’ve got the time (ahem……) and it saves her running around after work.

I don’t think I’d ever changed a toilet seat…..another thing to add to the list of “firsts”.  Definitely not difficult unless you’ve got a couple of rusty bolts and nuts that are stuck fast……pliers (normal and needlenose), a screwdriver and a knife were all needed to get that job done!  Again, well after 6 by the time I got home……

I’m actually looking forward to doing my laundry today and barring any cat issues, Bev is coming for dinner….which will be much more fun that my last days have been!

It’s not so much that I mind doing all this stuff because it needs to be done but just how does it always seem like it all ends up having to be done at the same time, or same day…….or even the same week!  I’m getting better at not having my “if it weren’t just me” moments….although that toilet seat came close to giving me some grief.



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