Lunch, Poor Cat and the Clean Up

Having lunch today with a friend that I haven’t seen since last summer so will be fun to catch up on everything.

Before lunch though I have to get myself a new printer!  My printer has not worked since the day of Ken’s celebration of life…..when the paper decided to start jamming, so I had to hand write out the notes for the eulogy.  Hmmmm…..was there some hidden meaning to that happening???  It’s been a pain in the butt not having one, or one that actually works all the time, so why I’ve put off getting a new one for so long, I have no idea.  Lunch today is next to a Staples store, which is where I think my brother said to go….I can’t remember and I guess it doesn’t matter because I’ll be near the store and I’ll just do it as opposed to having to go out and make a special trip somewhere else.

But I can’t dawdle for too long after lunch because I’ve got to take my poor Tigger to the vet this afternoon…..again.  The poor guy is almost 19, has lymphoma, had an eye problem (had to wear a stupid cone for a week) and now has some sort of mouth issue, which is causing him to not eat very much.  I worry that we’re getting close to that time…….

My daughter and I love that cat… we do all of them…..but Tigger is a big loveable, cuddly cat….or at least he was big, not so much now.  I think he’s dehydrated too, which isn’t helping.  I was able to trick him into taking his pill by dissolving it in tuna water but have now resorted back to the transdermal ear stuff.  Not even the tuna is appealing to him right now.

Babysitting and clean up day was actually fun yesterday!  I have more fun with those kids when their parents are around!!  We read, played and they even helped me do some cleaning.  Recycling was one of the highlights of the afternoon!

My thoughts initially yesterday were wishing Ken was coming with me…..he’d keep  them occupied while I was busy working away.  It all worked out though but it was a long day….from around 9:30 to almost 6.   I left my son and DIL each a “to do” list.  There were only 3 things for each of them and nothing too major.  My DIL’s included going through all the drink/sippie cup things and matching the lids and straw parts…..if no match – CHUCK!!

I also took the liberty of reorganizing a couple of cupboards, which they seemed happy with…..I can’t push this too far, too fast.  At least two counters and their stove are clean……for now!

Maybe I’ll suggest going over on Saturday when both of them are home….I’d have to figure out where to get them to start.  So much paper, which I do understand, but…….

It wasn’t until after I’d cleaned up the counters and done the dishes that I’d thought to take before and after pictures……not sure what purpose they’ll serve except that maybe give them some incentive, like those pics that people stick on their fridges when they’re trying to lose weight… people still do that???

I know I’m fighting a bit of losing battle here but in my mind, every little bit, even if it’s only for a day or two before it reverts back to “that” state, helps…….I hope!



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