A Walk In The Park


“Red sky in the morning, sailors take warming!” It’s supposed to be miserable later today but this morning the sky was soooo pretty.

That’s what we did after lunch yesterday.  The weather wasn’t cooperating so we weren’t sure if our walk was going to happen but by the time we’d finished lunch it had stopped raining and the sun was even poking out!

The park is by my friend Rae’s.  It’s a heritage site with a nice little restaurant, a historical cemetery, a couple of trails and an incredible view of the river and mountains.  I should have taken my camera…..

A really fun afternoon.  So the plan now is that we’ll do this once a month.  Take turns at each others houses for lunch and then an afternoon hike/walk or something interesting.  Now that B has retired too, this will work out great.

Today Home Depot is coming to look at my carpet.  I really hope I don’t have any hassle from them.  I put off calling about it because of all the issues I had getting the damn thing installed in the first place but it was just bugging me too much.  Why should I put up with a carpet that doesn’t look right just because I don’t want a fight again with them??  I shouldn’t and finally decided that I won’t.  I think it’s pretty obvious what happened….they cut the bottom off the roll to use for the last two feet but that meant that it was against the grain or nap.  I know Ken wouldn’t have just let it go and nor should I!


I think it’s pretty noticeable….if it were where the furniture was going I probably wouldn’t bother but……..

The weather is supposed to be crummy for the next few days but I’m hoping we have a few breaks, like we did yesterday.  It’s so much nicer now that it’s getting brighter earlier in the morning and not dark until almost 6 at night…..daylight is good for me.



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