I Love My Grandkids BUT……

Four days in a row is enough!

I’m tired…..as much as I love having them here it’s pretty exhausting.

I babysat all of them (plus the little girl my DIL babysits…so 4 of them!) yesterday while my DIL went to an appointment at Childrens Hospital about my granddaughters JIA.  They were all pretty good and it was a nice day so lots of outside time.  My grandson is just about 5 and so inquisitive, which isn’t a bad thing, but he’s not be able to think through the things that he’s doing…..sometimes with not so good consequences…..like stuff getting broken!  Ah sigh…..he will grow out of it eventually…….you always hope sooner than later but then these years go by so fast you don’t want to wish them away either.

The wall unit was loaded onto the truck on Monday….hooray.  I parked it in the garage with the plan that I’d whip out yesterday morning (before the kids got here at noon) get the one day permit on the truck and get that wall unit off to the Salvation Army thrift shop.  That was NOT to be!  I headed up to the local insurance office only to have them tell me that the provincial insurance system was down!  They didn’t know for how long and would call me if it came up within the next hour…..I only had that small window of time to get this job done (and crossed off my list!!).  Unfortunately the provincial insurance is the only option for getting a one day permit so there was nothing else I could do…..argh.

Just after I’d gotten home the mail arrived……with a notice from the car insurance people advising that I could NOT renew my drivers license (which I don’t have to do for a couple more years) nor could they issue new or renewal insurance for my vehicles UNTIL I PAID MY BRIDGE TOLLS!!  There are two bridges that I’ve crossed in the last 6 months.  They’re toll bridges obviously.  A picture of your license plate is taken and they send you a bill at the end of the month.  I get so much junk mail, which I just chuck into the recycle bin, and I think I must have thought that’s what these were.  Normally I pull out bills and statements etc. that I either have to pay or file away…..the rest accumulates for a few days then gets dumped.  Oops!  I honestly don’t recall even seeing bills from the “quickpass” people but obviously they must have been there. It wasn’t a fortune, only $27, which is probably 3 round trips (I remember at least one of them!) but as soon as one of these bills is overdue 120 days, wham……..I will definitely be more diligent going through my mail from now on.

Not that I like getting notices like that…..I immediately went online and paid it…..but I was actually quite happy that the insurance computer system was down earlier.  I would have died of embarrassment if I’d tried to buy that permit and couldn’t have because of those tolls not being paid!

So I’ll wait a couple days until I know that the payment has been processed and is in the system before I get that permit…..just to make sure.

Today I’m off with a couple of girlfriends for the afternoon.  One just retired at the end of January and is already finding herself pretty busy.  It was supposed to be for a bit of a hike but it doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate for us today…..but I’m sure we’ll find something interesting, or maybe even exciting, to do.



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