All Through The House….

not a creature was stirring……not even Kallie!  And it’s 7:30!

She was so much fun and so good…..the easiest going of them all.  It’s probably that 3rd child thing.


after bath time in her penguin jammies…..ready for her Bubble Guppies.

I guess we pooped her out….she got to stay up until 9 last night watching Bubble Guppies.

Today is family day….a provincial stat holiday in BC.  And it’s a beautiful day….hardly a cloud in the sky and up around 10C (60+F).  The kids will be over later so the little ones can play outside all afternoon.  I really like these days.

Ken would have enjoyed last night and this morning so much…..with just the one its easy to have that quality and cuddle time.  Unfortunately we didn’t have too many sleepovers before because after he got sick it was difficult for him…..he just didn’t have the tolerance that he once had.  I often think about how things would have been…..but it doesn’t matter now so I have to enjoy it for both of us.  There are some things that I just can’t do that he did…..he could talk like Donald Duck, which the kids loved, and make some really funny faces, which they’d try to copy.  I can’t talk like DD but I can make faces…not the same thing though.



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