An Annual Reunion

A family one that is……I think that would be a good thing to have.

Today I’m off to a grand nephews 1st birthday party.  Other than the Alberta nieces everyone will be there.  We will have one more 1st birthday party in September for my nephews little girl…..I think that may be the end of the 1st birthdays, which is about the only time we all manage to get together.

All our kids are in their 30’s…..the last 1/2 of their 30’s so I don’t see a lot more babies heading our way.

As all the grandkids/nieces/nephews have gotten older, there aren’t the big hoopla birthday parties…..certainly not like the 1st ones.   The parties are more geared towards their friends or just the immediate family.  That’s OK because we’d be pretty darn busy every month now…..we’ve got them all covered!

But once a year having a big BBQ or picnic…..something set up well in advance so there can be no excuse not to make it.  It would be nice for the cousins to spend some time together now.  They used to, of course, when they were little and we all lived close to each other, but their lives are very busy and have gone in different directions now.  I don’t expect them to “socialize” on a daily or even monthly basis because they’re different enough that it would never happen but getting together once a year……just once would maybe keep them connected.  Because what happens when the “adults” are gone?  I know I really have no contact anymore with my cousins….nor did Ken or his brothers which I think is too bad.

I don’t think you have to LIKE or be friends with every relative but just knowing who they are and that you have them is a good thing.

I’d have to included my brother and SIL too because there is just them now for me from my side of the family…..and Bev too of course (she has her own family but is like my family to me).

Maybe I’m dreaming!  I’ll add organizing an annual something or other to my to do list……



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