If I Had A Million Dollars…..

That is a song by a Canadian band called Barenaked Ladies.  They also sing the theme song from the TV show The Big Bang Theory.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4L3ls_6UYg   It’s a cute catchie little tune!

So…..if I did have a million dollars, I could buy MY house!  How scary is that?

This is my friends, that just moved, house.  Three bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, many updates done inside, one bedroom suite in basement and a 60 x 110ft lot (beautifully landscaped) It’s what $900,000 bought you in December in the suburbs……and prices are still going up!  Just amazing.


We are NOT talking big, flashy mansion with all the bells and whistles…..

Too bad I’m not in the market to sell right now.  It’s all relative anyway isn’t it……I sell this and have to buy something else……although a penthouse condo with a view does have some appeal!

The guy that bought across the street is a 22 years old foreign student…..hmmm.  I’ll leave that alone……   There is a tenant in the basement suite, who he’d have to give 3 months notice to so I don’t think we’ll see anything too exciting happening for a while.  Their yard was just beautiful…..like a park.  Lots of maintenance to keep it up, which they did.  I’m not sure that a young guy would be too interested in doing that.  Supposedly he is going to live there……I can’t imagine him wanting to live here in our quiet little community….at least not at 22 years old!  We’ll see I guess.

Flyers from real estate agents are coming through my mail slot every day……sometimes there’s 3 or 4 of them.  Too bad I’m not in the market to sell right now because I truly don’t think this housing boon can last.  We’ve seen them before, although not at prices like this.  I can only hope in 4 or 5 years when I think I’ll want to sell (my 5 year plan….) that I’ll get top dollar.

My daughters condo is ready to go on the market….hooray!  What a slow process that has been, but at our own making.  We weren’t terribly speedy in getting it ready.  The condo market isn’t really moving like houses are but we’ll see I guess soon enough how hers will sell.





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