Cleaning For The Cleaning Lady!

How silly is that?

I’m not really cleaning, because well…..I don’t do that very good to start with….but I’m at least tidying things up.

She’s only going to do the main bathroom today and then give me an estimate for coming in once a month to do a good scrub down of the whole house.  I SHOULD be able to keep it relatively neat and tidy….and I do vacuum and mop over the floors fairly regularly.  She’ll do the bathrooms, scrub the kitchen floor (that yucky grout), dust everything (including window sills and baseboards), actually move the sofa and loveseat to clean under them etc.

We’ll see how that goes for starters and if nothing else, if I only do the once a month thing I know I’ll be racing around the day before she comes clearing away clutter, which is all good.  I’m hoping I won’t have a lot of clutter in the future!

N & S are gone 😦  I hope they made it to their new place safe and sound and can finally get a good nights sleep before starting in on their unpacking.  What a whirlwind this last couple of months have been.  They listed that house two days after we got back from China (Dec 3rd), had an offer, which they took, within a day and then started packing.  Both of them are perfectionists so it wasn’t just packing….it had to be done their way.  I personally would have paid the extra to have the moving company do it but then that’s me.

I’ve got until 3PM today to “tidy” up around here……so far I’ve done nothing!  I know I’m going to be scrambling around at 2:30…..



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