Moving Day

For my friends and neighbours.  How sad I am to see them go 😦

But that is life as you get older I guess.  People move to be closer to family or to get that house of their dreams, in the place of their dreams or to downsize and any other number of reasons.

And, of course, if the real estate market is hot, like it is here right now, you take advantage of it.

I don’t do change very well.  I’m kind of one of those people that think the grass MIGHT be greener over there but then always second guess myself with those thoughts of what if it’s not!  What then?  You’re stuck aren’t you.  So, for the same reason that we were never really rich, or poor, never big chance takers, we were more than happy to stick with the status quo….don’t rock the boat and all that.

You always think about all those “what if’s” and it really does stop you from doing a lot of things.  Maybe I’m too much of a realist and not enough of a dreamer.  And I do wonder if them moving wouldn’t bother me as much if Ken were still here.  I think we’d probably be looking forward to visits to their new home…..with a gorgeous view!

But I’m happy where I am right now.  Close to everyone, close to shopping, have places to go for walks, and one day will have a very nice backyard….I hope.

Not much else I can do but accept this change.  There are positives that come from it….or at least I’m telling myself that…..I’ll have a great place to visit, they’re not really that far…only a couple of hours, there is no major air travel involved….only the ferry, which in itself is a nice trip.

I will miss my buddy… more impromptu tea/wine parties or shopping trips.  I’ll miss him too….he was my man job buddy.  Now I’m really on my own for those!

Oh well…..I am a survivor and I’ll survive this change.  I just hope there aren’t too many more!!



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