Another Cleaning Day

At the kids place!

I can only hope that what we cleaned last week is still clean, or been kept clean.  I’m not sure what we’ll work on today…..maybe their upstairs main bathroom.

I’m hoping the little bit of progress we make each week will motivate my DIL, at least a little.

My back hasn’t fully recovered from whatever it did last week so I hope I don’t aggravate it anymore.

Another dinner tonight for our friends…..this one is kind of “the last supper” here for a while.  I’ve got a nice bottle of bubbly to send them off tomorrow.  I’m really going to miss them!  Visits back and forth will be fun of course but it’s those impromptu afternoon and evening “tea” parties that are going to be missed the most.

I’m going to take a picture of their house today or tomorrow.  I know things are going to change over there…’s certainly never going to be kept up the way they have over the years.  My biggest fear is that the new owner, eventhough paying an incredible amount for it, will tear it down and build one of those monster houses that we’re seeing so many of today.  I’m all for progress but I really don’t see something that like increasing the values of the other homes just because something like that changes the whole dynamic of what  the cul de sac is.  No, that’s not really my biggest fear…..what would be worse would be for him to be one of those absentee owners who let their houses, some that were absolutely beautiful at one time, go completely.  I guess we’ll see and my pictures will tell….  So many homes empty now in the city…..this website shows just a few….and the problem is slowly moving out to the burbs…..

I was very good at the candle party yesterday…..bought only one thing….well, kind of two because it was a buy one, get one sale.  But it was a good buy…..a “jar candle” that will fit in my hurricane holder on the deck….yes, I definitely needed one (two?) of those…….

Another busy week for me.  My calendar is already full….not with anything terribly exciting but something every day.  Oh well, I guess I wouldn’t really let this happen unless I wanted it too, would I?

My garbage bin was so full this morning I could hardly get it moved to the curb.  I have been brutal with chucking junk.  I don’t think Ken was a hoarder or keeper of stuff because I’m sure a lot of it would have been used by him for something…..what I’m not sure though.  He liked to have things handy in case he needed them.  One thing I did through out were brackets of some sort… I wish I hadn’t because the piano stool leg is kind of wibbly and a bracket would have been just thing to fix it!  I’m still living and learning……..



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