Depressing Weather

It feels like it’s been raining for weeks!  I think it’s stopped a couple times….I have seen stars a few nights and the sun did come out the other day……

I really struggle with these dark, dreary days.  BUT……


This is sooooo true!


I’d decided to have a “do nothing” day and, for the most part, that is what it was….although do nothing days aren’t too exciting.   I did end up cleaning out the cupboard under the bathroom sink…..half used cream, cleaning stuff that was so old it probably wouldn’t clean anything anymore, partially used shampoo and other hair products that I obviously didn’t like (or work!) and lots of half full bottles of suntan lotion that had expired in 2012!   Why?  But they’re gone now and that makes me feel a lot better.

Another good thing yesterday was that someone finally came and picked up the leftover vinyl siding from the garage!  And I got a couple of hundred bucks for it……that definitely made me happy!

While I was doing nothing (?) I ended up sorting out a lot of my junk…..a pile for the dump, a pile for give away and a box to go to a consignment store.  I’ve gone into that store a few times and just looked around (I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything!!).  It’s all other peoples “junk” but the way they stage everything, it all looks really nice….and some of it very tempting.  The split isn’t that great, like 60% for them and 40% for you.  The best part is though, that if your stuff doesn’t sell, they’ll get rid of it for you!  That’s probably the best for them because I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t bother picking their unsold stuff up anyway!

This afternoon I’m off to a candle party.  I really don’t like going to those very much.  The social part is always fun but I need another candle like I need a hole in my head!  I’m pretty sure I’ll buy at least one because I feel that I have too…..but NO MORE than that!

Friday dinner with my friends that are moving was good…..a big pan of paella….which you just can’t go wrong with.  They are just exhausted…..him more than her…’s a bit of a worry because they aren’t “spring chickens” anymore and just moving itself, let alone all the packing, can be pretty stressful.  I would have just paid the movers to come in an pack up but then I’m not OCD when it comes to my stuff.  Their dining room is filled with boxed, their garage is filled with boxes and I’m sure the bedrooms are too.  She said they’ve got over 100 of them.  They used apple boxes from our local Safeway…..everyone of them is the same size so nice and easy to stack.

Tomorrow night is another dinner for them and then they’ll be gone.  I’m going to miss them a lot but it’s not like they’re moving to the ends of the earth…..including the ferry ride, it’s about an hour and half from here.  It is going to be one of those “alone” things though….like driving out to my SIL’s in the dark…..these kinds of trips are much better with a buddy but that’s how it is now and I’m slowly…..very slowly…..getting used to doing these, what are in my mind, long haul trips alone.

Between them moving, having a sick cat….yes another one….a sore back and the weather I’m feeling a little glum (is that a word??).  It’s one of those times where you really have to force yourself to find the positives or look on the bright side of anything…..selling the siding and getting that cupboard cleaned out was good.



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