A Cleaning Lady

Have a date set up to get my daughters apartment done but not until next week.  AND I have a date for her to come to my house too!  It was a spur of the moment thing while I was talking to her….the tub, tile and shower in my main bathroom need a good cleaning, which for some reason is just really hard for me to do…..or to do it right! You’d think being retired I would be able to do all this properly…..oh well.

I’m going to have her give me an estimate on what she’d charge to come in every two weeks or once a month to give the place a good cleaning.  Baseboards immediately come to mind!  The other thing that bugs me is the grout on the tile floors.  I’ve tried various grout cleaning products but I think that stuff absorbs every bit of dirt and grease.

This is the best cleaning spree I’ve had in years so maybe that’s why I’m really noticing everything.  My mother would have called me a “surface cleaner”.  Everything looks OK but……  We used to joke about our floors…..we’d say you could eat off hers AND mine….the only difference was that you’d actually get FULL from mine!

Tonight is another dinner with the friends that are moving…..they are just exhausted from all the packing and cleaning.  About the only thing I can offer them is food.  I think they’re covered now with meals until they leave next Tuesday.

I’ve just about gone through most of the papers that have laid around for years and the stuff that was in Ken’s night table drawer……that’s where he stashed his paystubs and other bits of paper that he would clean out of his wallet every now and again.  He has a bag….a very nice one that I got from the funeral home….with everything in it, including his ashes.  His hat and sunglasses are in there too, along with all the cards, CDs that we made for the celebration of life and the papers that I thought I should keep, like his birth certificate and passport.  They’ll sit on the top shelf in his old (my new) closet.  One day I’ll figure out what to do with it.  A friend suggested that I take a bit of his ashes with me on my vacations to leave wherever I go……it would kind of like he was there too!  I like that idea so maybe I’ll just do that.  The rest I’m not sure…..maybe keep them and then the kids can deal with him and me some day!


Ken and his cat!

A whole life in a bag!  As soon as I put the bag on the bed Flop, the cat, (she came with that name!!) jumped up and started rubbing up against it.  I’m not sure if she knew or what…..but she was definitely Ken’s cat.  His cuddle buddy on the recliner….as soon as he sat down, she was right up there with him, usually trying to burrow her way under the blanket that he kept on it.



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