Fun Dinner

With our friends that are moving next week.  We got her/them one of those adult colouring books, pencil crayons and felts….and a bottle of wine, of course.  The book is to doodle when she/we spend hours on the phone!

We’ve already planned a trip over to visit them towards the end of February.  Their new house has a gorgeous gulf island water view so I can’t wait to see it.

It was kind of sad though.  I’m really going to miss them but I will certainly get more accomplished around here…..not that she was a bad influence or anything but with a standing afternoon “tea” invitation at either my place or hers, well…….I’ll save money (on wine!).

Oh well, things change don’t they and we adapt to it.  I’m good now with change, as much as I really don’t like most things to change, it is what it is and we have to accept it.

Today, sore back and all…..I think I might have even blown out an ovary or whatever happens to be in that area of your body….I’ll get more stuff moved around and sorted out in that junk/garage room downstairs.  I will NOT lift anything too heavy though.  I just feel like I’m getting so much done and hate for an ache or pain (which I’ll blame on the gym….that’s when it first started) to set me back.  I have found more different types of speakers tucked away in boxes down there….some for the surround sound system, which I already have a bunch of speakers for…..some for the computer, some great big ones that went with the stereo system which were replaced by much smaller, new and more efficient ones at least 20 years ago!!  Now I have to figure out what to do with them all…..I think they’ll probably all pretty old and of no use now, so do I just chuck them?  I’m in the mood to do it, so maybe I will….

There are a couple of old computers….big honking things….down there too.  I know where to take them but is there some part I need to take out so no one can “steal my identity” or whatever?  They don’t work anymore….motherboard or hard drive or something like that is gone, done…..does that mean all the info is gone too?  I don’t know…..that’s a question for my brother.

I must say that as much as I complain about all the stuff that needs to be done and gone through, I really enjoy mucking about down there….except for the stuff I don’t know what to do with.  I’ve gotten rid of two boxes of books….a lot of indoor and outdoor gardening ones….either I didn’t read them or if I did, they have obviously not been of any help, so they are gone.  Cookbooks!  Who uses cookbooks anymore?  I do like them, especially the ones that are more than cookbooks….like my Eataly and some of the others that tell about the ingredients and regions the recipes are from. I used to “read” cookbooks like that….bedtime reading/planning for my next dinner party!  I don’t do diners like that too often anymore, so even some of those are going but I’ll hang on to a couple of my favs.

Cables and cords……just wow for how many of those I have.  I’ll throw them in with the old computers just in case some of them actually went with them.  The recycle guy might need them…..right?





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