Cracked Hands

From too much cleaning!

My hands have spent so much time in water and other various cleaning materials for the last few weeks they are finally rebelling……with cracks.  I’m sure that’s what rubber gloves are for but did I use them?  No.  Now I’m paying for it.  They hurt, especially around the tips of my fingers.

Another self-made problem!  Aveeno cream is great and I just have to remember to put some on about 10 times a day!  Or buy some of those surgical type gloves.

We made some progress at the kids place yesterday but it needs a lot more work.  I cleaned and my DIL went through papers and toys.  I know from watching Hoarders that, as much as I just wanted to get in there and turf everything, you can’t do that.  I also know that I’m probably flogging a dead horse here trying to help them….or her.  I wish I could have taken a picture……it’s a little scary.   Having two kids and keeping a house relatively clean and tidy wasn’t the easiest thing for me, so for them, having three little ones makes it even more challenging BUT…….   I cleaned two places….the living room, so they’d have a nice clean, comfortable place to sit and watch TV and the downstairs bathroom which I won’t even begin to describe.

Part of the problem is having too much stuff with no real place for any of it to go…..I know that problem myself and it’s taken me 40+ years to get it sorted out…..and it’s still a work in progress.  I think I’ll have to change my approach and instead of just cleaning, which I’m hoping won’t be a totally thankless job, is figuring out a better storage set up for them…..baskets and containers help…..maybe a stop at HD on my way over next week???

My DIL was a little overwhelmed by the time I left but I’m glad she sorted through all the stuff that she did.  She’s more than happy to have me come over, which is a good thing, but I also have to be careful not to overstay/overwork my “cleaning” visits….there is some psychology involved in this and I’m probably the last person in the world that should even be attempting to help.  I know she’s getting some professional help….and I’m sure she’s going to tell him about me!!  I offered to take the bags of give away and throw away stuff but she said she’d deal with them.  I’m thinking I should have just insisted on taking them because I’m afraid they’ll still be sitting there next week…..I guess we’ll see!  If only they can keep clean what was cleaned…..fingers are crossed!

After that is was back to my daughters apartment to get the last of it ready to list.  I was going to go over there and give it a final once over cleaning but I’m not…..I’m calling in a couple of cleaning ladies.  There isn’t much to do really, a bit of dusting, a good vacuuming, the baseboards need a once over and the floors washed.  It would be passable if you lived there but everything needs to be spic and span clean when you’re trying to sell it.

I’m going to have to find something to do today around here that doesn’t involve having my hands in water or touching a bottle of some cleaning stuff…..they need a bit of a break.  Maybe some shredding……….





2 thoughts on “Cracked Hands

  1. You’re pretty wonderful for helping/attempting to help your DIL with her place. My brother is a hoarder. I didn’t know it until he passed away and we had to clean his apartment.
    It rips your heart out when you realize someone has this problem. It’s not just the fact that they’ve gotten behind in cleaning. It goes so much deeper. I’m glad your DIL is getting help.
    And of course, she has you in her corner which is a huge bonus.
    Maybe you deserve a spa treatment on your hands? A nice paraffin wrap?

  2. One of these days I will treat myself to a very nice manicure. My hands and nails have NEVER been like they are now…..oh that princess life that I once lived!!
    It’s so hard Bonny to see my kids living like they do…..I know they both work hard but there is really no excuse for a place to get like that. I don’t want to blame either of them and I know my son does try but there is just so much it’s almost impossible to even know where to begin. I do hope she continues to get help….it’s got to be fixed. With my grandaughters JIA and the drugs that she’s on, or going on (biologics) she’ll be very susceptible to any illness or bug that’s going around. Those grandbabes CANNOT live like that. I want them to be able to have their little friends over, I want my kids to be able to entertain their friends. My DIL and son are both great cooks. I really do just want to cry every time I go over there. I just have to be so careful with how far I can push….it’s so out of my league and I worry about causing more problems. I know I can’t “fix” this but will continue to try, treading very carefully.

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