…….and shredding and shredding!

In this day and age I guess it’s the best thing to do but there is just so much of it……if only I’d done it month by month, which was always what my plan was… now I pay for it!  My recycle bin is so full I can’t get one more little piece of anything in it.  Thank goodness today is blue bin pick up day…..tonight I can start filling it again.

There was income tax returns from 15 years ago (they suggest keeping them for 10 years only), bank statements, old mortgage papers from the first house we bought in 1975 and of course all Ken’s medical records.  I had to give the shredder a break because it was getting too hot from working too hard!

It just feels good though to be getting rid of all this stuff.  I swear my house bleeds paper……I’m really going to stay on top of it now, that is if I ever get to the end of it!  I’ve set up the shredder in the garage, so I’ve at least got most of the paper, in boxes, out there now.

I have that old wall unit to move, still!  I was hoping that would be done over the weekend but it was not to be……argh!  Tomorrow I will hopefully get some help with it.  I just wish I could do it myself….it’s driving me crazy!  I’m going to take it to the Salvation Army furniture donation place myself because I can’t wait for their next pick up which is in March sometime.  I’ll need help at this end loading it on the truck and will need help there unloading…I’m hoping they have someone otherwise at that point I might just push the thing off the back and take off……a “dump and dash”.

Fun day on Saturday.  We did our game marathon from 2PM to midnight!  Way too much food.  I don’t think more than a few minutes went by without something going into my mouth….then we had dinner and dessert…and then more junk food.


the game in full swing…….


Today I’m off to my kids to help them clean up!  My DIL is a bit (understatement!!) of a hoarder and not the neatest person in the world…..I’m not sure where we’ll begin because there is just so much to do.  It’s a little scary and after watching a few of those hoarder TV shows…’s even scarier!  It certainly motivates me to get my mess cleaned up…..I only wish she’d watch the show sometimes too…..  It makes me feel bad for my grandkids.   My kids are really super good parents, they really are but to me part of good parenting is providing a clean, safe home for their kids too.  If we make progress today, I told her I’d come out on Mondays to work our way through everything.  The biggest challenge for them will be keeping wherever we do get cleaned up that way!  I’m not sure if it’s work…..we may need professional intervention!

Another busy week coming up but busy is good and even more so when I can see results!




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