More House Cleaning

Today was going to be an “in” day but then again, so was yesterday….but one phone call asking if I wanted to go shopping and that was the end of that!   I guess this morning will be my in day because now I’m going out for lunch with my ex-SIL….but the restaurant is next to a nice market and I really needed a few groceries anyway…..

This is how I justify what I do, and don’t do, these days…..I’m not sure why I feel the need to justify anything but I find it hard to go out, or just sit and read, when all the stuff to do around here is just sitting.  It certainly never bothered me before!  Maybe it’s all part of that “unsettledness”????

AND the fact that my friends, that are moving away in a couple of weeks,  will be staying here when they have to come back into town for appointments etc.  AND, AND….she’s a neat freak!  But she knows me and my house and how I operate around here….so luckily her expectations are too high….lol.

But it is different when people just come for a evening visit as opposed to when they are actually going stay…and sleep at your house.  It’s not like they’re going to go rooting through drawers and closets or anything, which unfortunately is where I chuck all the junk laying around when I am having company!  So this is a really good experience/exercise for me.  I’m putting things back where they belong and finding places for all that crap that accumulates in spare rooms!  Why do I have so many pillows/cushions?  They’re a simple change of décor every now and again, so I guess that’s why I have so many.  Most of them are going off to the next charity that calls for donations. And of course papers……paper and more paper…most of which are old paid bills that either need to be filed or shredded.  Picture frames?  I have a lot of those too….nice ones that I picked up here and there…for all those pictures that I’ve yet to put in them!  Argh…….


a lucky find in my junk room…..

I’ll get through it and as much work as it is, it’s kind of fun discovering things in there….like a pendant that I bought last year when I was in Oman!  I had forgotten all about it and found it in with all the bits of receipts from the cruise part of that trip.  Why it was with that stuff I have no idea….


once upon a time I had an entire drawer that was a junk drawer…..baskets helped to contain it all…..and limit what went in it!!

It sounds like my house is a major disaster but it’s not really….or at least most of it isn’t.  But it’s like that proverbial junk drawer that every house has.  Surprisingly my junk drawer is only a couple of baskets in a kitchen drawer and is passable, for a junk drawer, so instead I have junk room!  I’m bound and determined that I will NOT accumulate anymore of this kind of stuff/junk… anyway.



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