A “Sports” Injury

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

My back and right knee….I’m sure it happened at the gym and NOT when I was lifting the car parts onto the shelving.  The “head” (or whatever it is…) weighed a ton and was very awkward to move….could only move it a few feet at a time then had to put it down for a minute.  Then there were the mufflers or exhaust things….not too heavy but again just awkward.


I think the blue thing is the “head”…..would make a great boat anchor!!

This is one of those live and learn things…..I could have waited for my son but I needed it done then and there. I’ve lifted all this stuff before when I was cleaning out the shed and don’t recall having the same aches and pains I have now so that is why I’m going to blame them on the gym….and it just sounds better to have a “sports” injury than one from plain old stupidity!

Again, advil and Tylenol to the rescue.

Today I really have to get to work in my hoarder room.  There is just so much stuff in there its a little hard to know exactly where to start.  I think I’ll sort through all the papers first….most of it is all old bills and magazines from the liquor store…..they have really good recipes (and wine pairing to go with them! but have I ever actually made any of them?  NO.  So it’s time for them to go.

I called the Salvation Army for a furniture pick up.  That just isn’t going to work….first problem is they’re booked up until March and the second is that I have to get whatever I want picked up, out for them!  So I might as well just take it to Value Village myself…and if they don’t want it, it’s on the way to the dump, so easy enough to get rid of it there.  BUT I have to wait for some help with that one….there is no way I can move those two pieces myself.  Ah sigh.

I’m off to dinner tonight with the China trip gang….it will be fun!  And since I’m not driving, I can have a glass of wine with dinner, which is always a treat 🙂 .




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