Off To The Gym!

I am going to do this at least 3 times a week…..for sure!

There, now I’ve said it, so I have to do it, right?

Being there isn’t the problem, because once I’m there, I really like it!  It’s getting ready to go and getting out the door that is hard for me.  This morning, I’m gung ho!  And it’s not even 10AM yet!

I’m thinking very positive….I AM.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day.  Other than get rid of a couple more small boxes of old shed stuff, I did nothing except read and watch TV.  The weather was awful, so that was my excuse!  Although, I’m not sure why I think I need to have excuses to do that….

One of the little boxes was full of packages of “thingies”….I guess I should have taken a picture of them…maybe someone would have know what they were.  I debated keeping them but decided there really wasn’t any point since I had no idea what one would use them for.  They were small, depending on the package, about a 1/2 inch to one inch long.  Some had little yellow plastic ends that were attached to wires, some were blue.  On the opposite end were flat little bits of metal.  Considering the box had some car bits in it, I am going to assume these were for the car too….something electrical??  Since I have no intention of EVER doing car repairs myself, I saw no point in keeping these.

I often think, when I’m puttering around in the garage, how much Ken would have enjoyed it.  Just being able to work on his car inside, especially in the winter, would have been really enjoyable for him.  Too bad we didn’t do it when we first thought of it years ago…..but I’m making up for it now!  I can find a ton of things to do out there.  Trying to organize a garage is definitely not a girl thing.


a work in progress….I’m trying to keep tool type stuff on one side. I have an equal amount of room on the other side but am trying desperately NOT to fill it with junk!

I think I’ve put things in logical places but then what does it matter since it’s going to be me using whatever and as long as I know where it is, that’s all that’s important.  The walls are very white…..not sure how to dress up a garage.  I did hang up the Mustang clock.  Maybe I should find a guy pin-up calendar… the ones the firemen put out every year!!


the kids got Ken this clock for Christmas years and years ago….he wanted to put it up in the kitchen! NOT, it went up in the family room….behind the door!

I have a pieces of board with holes in it that needs to go up….apparently that is where I would hang all  the various types of saws that I have….and some other stuff too but can’t remember what.

We’re getting a bit of a reprieve from the rain this morning, maybe that’s why I have more energy or motivation…..and I’d better get going before it passes and I change my mind!






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