Rainy Days

Looks like there is going to be a lot of them over the next couple of weeks.  Lets hope they are as wrong about this as they were the nice sunny days they’d forecasted a couple of weeks ago!

I have lots of inside jobs to work on.  I really wish I could get the rest of the yard and patio cleaned up though but it won’t happen if it’s raining.

I was a good girl and went to the gym on Friday.  I don’t ache as much as I did after the first time…..I like to think this is because my muscles have already gotten used to it, but I truthfully think it’s because I didn’t workout quite the way I was supposed too!  It certainly makes a different how hard you do all this stuff when someone is standing right beside you encouraging you to do “only 2 two more, you can do it”.  When he’s not there it’s like “OMG, 2 more to go….I just CAN’T do it”and I DON’T….I tell myself I’ll make up for it next time….I’ll do 22 instead of 20!  Hahahahaha…….I definitely need a little more discipline and I will work on it….yes, I will.

A couple of months ago I was interviewed for an article in an online senior magazine.  As a follow up she sent me all the questions so I could review them and write down, or type out, my responses.  It was hard during the interview to answer some of the questions…spontaneously.  So I went over them all again and answered them…..it’s much easier to write things down than to just say them….at least for me.  I think I wrote enough for it to be like a small novel.  Much of it was repeated, sort of, because some questions were kind of similar.  Anyway, she now has the task of going through it all, including the taped conversation, and putting it together in some cohesive form that will create an article that is hopefully interesting enough for others to read…..and of course, first and foremost, for the editors of the magazine to accept.  I guess we shall see!

My manic cleaning and getting rid of stuff continues.  Two bags off to the Diabetes Association yesterday morning….I’m really being brutal with what I’m getting rid of…..for now.  These are good moods to be in because I can see results and have no regrets getting rid of things…..other times well, I have good intentions but end up keeping stuff “just in case” only to get rid of them later when I do get into one of those good moods!

Fun day with the kids yesterday….was supposed to be a sleepover but that plan changed because they had an early party to go today.  Probably a good thing because Grandma was not in the best of spirits yesterday……no patience at all!  I’m not usually like that, or I don’t think I am…..I’ll blame the weather!





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