Fun Day

Plans changed yesterday… DIL brought the kids to my house instead of me having to go there.  This all worked out for the better for me.  It was such a nice day so we were able to spend a lot of time outside, which is what they really like to do.

At the same time I was able to puddle around getting more bits and pieces of junk and mess out of my backyard.

K picked the girls up around 2 and Karter spent the rest of the afternoon with me until his Dad picked him up on the way home from work.  It was nice to have just some time with him.  He doesn’t get a lot of peace and quiet time himself with his sisters at home.  He had his bike so spent a lot of time racing around the cul de sac.  He also helped me vacuum the garage with my new shopvac….he did a darn good job!

I discovered that the Salvation Army donations people will actually come and pick up furniture!  I’m going to call them today to see if they’ll take the old wall unit….it’s really bugging me being where it is because I can’t move anything in that room until it’s gone, so the sooner the better.  I find it so frustrating waiting for stuff like this, that I can’t move on my own, to get done……argh.

Some of this frustration I think comes from that “unsettled” feeling that I have…..I just wish I could pin point what it is……I just need to get things done, but then what?  It’ll be a while so I won’t have to worry too much about that for now, but what will I do after?  Will all the things, like travel, golf, bike riding, be enough?  Will that “unsettledness” eventually just go away?  I don’t know but I guess I’ll find out!!

I’m off to the gym this morning….eventually.  Yesterday my legs were sore, but a good sore.  Today I think they’re even worse!  I will get myself in shape….at least some sort of shape by summer….yes, I will!!




4 thoughts on “Fun Day

  1. I am taking a bit of a holiday down in Orlando. My sister and a friend is with me Cathy (the friend) lost her husband 3 1/2 yr ago to brain cancer. She has talked about feeling unsettled; waiting for something; something feels unfinished. I feel that way too. Maybe many of us feel that way. It’s hard to put this in words ….

    • Hope you’re having a great time Bonny. A friend was telling me that her sister too, about a year after losing her husband, felt unsettled….I wonder what it is!!

      • Well, we sure know what’s “missing”. At least, that’s what I think this feeling must represent. Perhaps you’re filling the space with renovations and travel; I’m filling it with travel and eating. Hopefully ths stage will pass before too much longer. Or maybe we will just find the right thing to take its place (and stop with the avoidance behaviors!). Travel and renovations are too expensive to continue and over eating – well – that’s just not a good thing.

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