Made Some Money Yesterday!

For a change…..instead of always forking it out!

Not a heck of a lot, but it’s good to get rid of junk/mess AND actually get some money back in the process!  All my aluminum and junky old nails, screws, nuts bolts and tool boxes got me almost $40!

Still more stuff to get rid of though.  I was hoping that old wall unit would be gone but I cannot move it myself….although I did try.  It’s in two pieces, top and bottom, but just a tad too heavy and bulky for me to move.  I thought I could just slide the top pieces off but without another body on the other end, it was too top heavy.  I figured it was best to leave it alone for now… of these days it will get moved but it’s one of those things that is driving me a little crazy…..I want it gone NOW!  If Ken were here…… would be gone!

My garage passed final inspection….hooray!  Now I can get my $1000 damage deposit back from the city….I wonder how long that will take!  One more of my “man jobs” done and over with!

Fun evening last night at Bev’s for dinner and a game of rumoli……I was up 15 cents by the end of the evening!  I think I had a little too much wine though and as a result have a bit of a headache this morning which is not a good thing because I’m going to the gym for my “orientation” meeting with a trainer…….I might be napping this afternoon!

Tomorrow there will be no post because I have to be up really early to head out to my sons for 8:30 to babysit the grandbabies….ALL DAY!   It will be fun but I know I’ll be exhausted by the time I get home.






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