Lots Accomplished Yesterday

I put everyone to work!

It was so nice out…even warm in the sun….all these outdoor jobs just had to get done.  Rain is on the way.

I feel bad when the grandkids come over and I can’t spend the time with them, but they had a good time on their bikes in the cul de sac and playing with the only other little kids that live here.

Caulking is done, spring loaded hinges on the door, so I’m ready for what will hopefully really be the final inspection tomorrow.  Our house is very air tight so that stupid door just would not close enough to be shut tight.  We had those eco something or others come in years ago when we got the new furnace and windows put in….they come before and after and do up a report, which then enabled us to get rebates from the government and the hydro/gas company.  They showed us where all our heat loss etc. was.  Adding extra weather stripping was one of the things they listed.  We got it all done and the difference was pretty amazing!  Do I actually save money on my gas and hydro each month as a result…..I can only assume so.  Anyway…..that bloody weather stripping and air tightness creates a sort of vacuum affect or something…..when you close one door you can almost hear the other doors doing something.  I ended up with 3 of the spring hinges, all cranked to their max, on that damn door.

So now when you use it, if you’re a little too slow getting out of it, it will literally kick you in the backside….reminds me of that saying…”don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.  Poor little Kallie, the youngest one, was just about flung across the garage.  Opening it is a bit of a challenge too for them….which may not be a bad thing.

This morning heading out with my frozen green bin stuff and the rest of the recycling, I had to use a bucket of kitty litter to hold the door open!

I think after the inspection, I will definitely loosen the springs….I’m more worried out the kids losing a finger than the carbon monoxide issues.  And anyway the detector that I had to have put in is right inside the door, so if I do ever had a leak or it somehow does seep in that thing will go off almost immediately.

Ok, rant done.

The truck is loaded up and ready to go to the dump.  My neighbor/friend that is moving was very anxious so had his stuff in it right away.  I didn’t have time to get the insurance yesterday, which I’ll get this morning…another thing that it would have been nice to have another person to get that while I was busy loading the rest of the construction debris into the truck!  I’ll get it insured for one month, which costs about the same as getting a permit for one week, so I hope that is enough time to get everything else cleaned up and out of here.  Then I’ll just let it sit, with storage insurance, until after I’m back from vacation in April….when it will be time to start using it for my landscaping project….or my attempt at landscaping.



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