One More Final Inspection

Ah sigh…..I have to caulk all the holes, very little holes (from cable and phone lines) on the house side and get a spring loaded closer thing for the door that leads into the laundry room.  I have a lot of caulking stuff around here….which one to use, I have no idea.  And they’re all the kind that you have to put in a contraption to push it out…..surely they must just make simple tubes of the stuff that you squeeze out like toothpaste…..

For the door thing I have a couple of different options.  I’ll talk to the Home Depot guys to find the one that will be the easiest for me to do.

The door from the garage into the laundry room is the same door that been there for at least 15 years.  We replace the old wooden door way back when, the first time we did some renos down there.  The inspectors asked why “they” didn’t use some sort of special screw as opposed to the ones that were there.  I told him it wasn’t a new door and that my husband had put it on eons ago……but he was fixated on this damn door and just kept saying “why would they have used those screws”, not just once but at least 3 or 4 times!  I asked if that was an inspection issue and he said no, it wasn’t he was just curious why he had used those screws.  Finally I had to say it…….I DON’T KNOW….AND MY HUSBAND IS DEAD SO WE’LL NEVER KNOW!!!!   That shut him up!  He said sorry….blah blah blah…..

So he’ll be back one more time.  I’ll get all this done today and call them again for a Monday or Tuesday inspection.  He did arrive bright and early yesterday, which surprised me but I was ready for him.

A small list of to do things today, all of which involve going out….Home Depot, the vets (for cat meds) AND the gym!  The one my daughter goes to has an introductory offer for friends and family that waives the fee to join…..and she’ll get a month free out of it if I do.  It’s really close to home….I could walk there if so inclined….and it’s not terribly expensive at $50 month….at least I don’t think it is.  I used to pay close to that when I used the gym at the golf course that didn’t have even a 1/4 of the equipment this one has.  Walking is a good thing but that doesn’t do much for that tummy fat or those hangy down arm bits.  I bought a really cute, pretty Chinese style blouse when I was in China… has those little cap sleeves, which means that a lot of arm is exposed and a nice arm, would look a lot better than a flabby one.


those sleeves leave a lot of arm exposed!! Much work to be done if I ever hope to wear this by the summer!

It’s a pay by the month thing… long term contracts….which is good in case it’s one of those fleeting moment decisions to join and then after a couple of months decide that I don’t really want to go to the gym…, that wouldn’t be it, I would really would want to go but just wouldn’t get my butt in there!  For now it’s the arms that are making me think I need to do this and who knows maybe I will actually enjoy it!




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