Man Jobs

I still have some issues with these!

They are what I procrastinate over the most.  Some of it is because I normally would not have the been the one doing them and secondly because I’m not always sure I’m asking or saying the right things……often people don’t understand when I use the term “thingie”……I don’t understand why 😦  I do try and be as descriptive as possible but……

Today I really, really have to phone the city to have them come out and do the final inspection on the garage.  I had to put up a $1000 bond for the curb… make sure that the excavator and materials delivery trucks didn’t wreck it……but you would laugh if you could have seen the curb to start with!  I don’t get that back until after final inspection.  I’m also a little worried that they might want the plans for my deck, which was built 35 years, apparently without a proper permit…..even though a permit was NOT required back then.  I do have the plans now just in case.  Doing any type of work on your property that requires a permit now opens a whole big can of worms for anything that you might have done regardless of how many years ago it was…..

The other thing I have to do is call my builder to get the sidewalk in and fence built around the side of the garage.  He suggested we wait until they do the final inspection just in case since they told me at the city that we really should get a permit to build a fence too!!  I think they’re looney!  I’m pretty sure that no one in this whole city has ever gotten a permit to build a new fence.


Very pretty sunrise this AM…including a rainbow! I wish I could take better pictures……maybe a photography class would be interesting!

Yesterday I just about made my goal of being dressed and ready to go out by 10AM.  It was a little closer to 11 but it was a good start.  Today I will be ready by 10…..I WILL.





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