A Simple Goal

I WILL be dressed and ready to go out, if necessary, everyday by 10AM!

That shouldn’t be too hard of a goal meet, right?

It gets really easy to be very lazy once you’re retired.  And since I’m such a procrastinator anyway, putting off doing whatever, is much easier when you’ve got a reasonably (at least in my mind….) good excuse like “I’m not ready to go out”, “my hair is such a mess”, “I have nothing to wear” etc. etc.

So starting to day, I will be dressed, hair done and ready to go whenever….as long as it’s after 10AM.

I put off going somewhere yesterday mostly because I didn’t feel like getting ready to go out.  Nothing terribly exciting, only to pick up a few groceries and have a look at the kitchen cabinet place.  I thought I’d go later…..after lunch maybe…..but then I still wasn’t dressed!!  And heaven forbid….worse case scenario when you’re a mess….what if someone had came to the door!!  I probably wouldn’t have answered it. If I did, I’m sure I would have scared them away.

Our snow, such as it was, is gone, or mostly gone.  So is the ice and fog and it’s warmed up a bit too….just hovering around freezing.  This morning it’s sort of “slushing”, very dull and grey.  I don’t like days like this so I really need to get my butt up and moving…..and the sooner the better because sitting around does not work for me!

And a good hair day makes all the difference in the world!








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