Going For A Walk

A friends husband is going “birding” today so her and I are going for a walk/hike out along the dyke.  I’ll have to ask her more about this “birding” thing.  That sounds like something I might like to do…..not so much at this time of year but once it warms up.  I’m definitely a fairweather outdoor type person.  Although, once you get walking at a fairly good clip, you warm up pretty fast!  A few days ago, I was peeling scarves, gloves etc.  Even my toes had warmed up!


It’s another chilly morning but so, so pretty.

All the dampness that goes with the fog is causing the moisture on the trees to freeze making everything look very wonderlandish.

Before I go though, I need to get out and start the Mustang and truck.  I promised myself I would do this at least once a week but with Christmas and all, it didn’t get done.  My fingers are crossed that both of them will start!  If not I do have my charger thing, which takes forever to recharge the battery but will hopefully do the trick…….the challenge with this is getting the right clamps on the right poles (?) on the battery!

Off to bundle up!





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