Last night around 11:30.  Magnitude 4.8ish.  Sitting downstairs watching TV and it felt like someone/thing had banged into the side of the house.  Pretty scary and different from the other odd rattle and roll type quakes we get around here.

Luckily there were no aftershocks, or at least none that I felt.  Cats, except for my daughters who was sleeping ON the ironing board, didn’t bat an eyelash….scared the crap out of hers though because the board kind of wobbled.

Just one of those reminders to make sure that we’re prepared for the “big one” that they keep telling us we’re way overdue for.  Will definitely make sure I’ve got bottled water, first aid kit, canned foods etc. stored…at least for a little while, then when nothing happens you kind of let it all go….hmmmm.

Met my friend D (China travel buddy) for dinner last night.  Had a great time.  We exchanged Christmas presents, which we’ve done for eons.  I usually find something at some point through the year that is just the perfect gift for her…..and then I have to remember where I’ve put it!  This year she got an insulted sippy cup…..not just a regular one, but one specifically for wine!  It will be a good thing to have at their cabin on those hot summer days!

I got a purse.


hmmmm…..not my style of purse, or is it???

But it’s not just a regular purse………


….of course it’s not just a regular purse. Have wine will travel!!  What a fun thing this is!!

Today I’m meeting friends for lunch and going on a walk along the river.  It’s an absolutely glorious sunny day.  A bit chilly but will warm up by the time we’ve finished lunch.

Last night I really missed Ken.  You know it’s kind of that protection thing… daughter was here of course, but between the two of us, we needed Ken’s laid back nature to settle us down after the earthquake.  My daughter is into all that stuff, actually studied volcanology at college, so knows that those jerky kind of deep (50+km) are the potentially nasty ones.  It was a bit unsettling going to bed I must say…..I read for a long time before I turned the light out.  You kind of just lay there waiting…..

It’s funny though when I think back to the last biggish quake we had, I think he was more excited about it than me!  It was like that “whoa…wholly S#%T” thing.  But at least he was there!!

It was pretty cool last night so my hummingbird feeder froze…..poor thing is now hovering around trying to figure out what’s happened.  I did bring it in and got it partially thawed out so hopefully the sun coming up will finish that and she’ll be able to have her breakfast!  I must remember to bring it in tonight!




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