Hooray….Lots Of Sun!


This  the weather forecast for the next two weeks 🙂  A bit chilly at night but bright AND sunny through the day…..I love it!  I just hope it’s accurate.

I had a very nice day yesterday.  Got my area rug and ONLY that…..lots of sales right now so many things out there to temp me…..but I had restraint and am very pleased with myself about that…..it would have been easy to buy a lot of things that I don’t need!  I’m trying to get rid of stuff, not collect more!

Dinner was good and fun of course with the kids.  They made me cards…..I love those.


my birthday presents!


Back home to a nice quiet evening….a few phone calls, some TV and that was it for me!  This time of year, whether you’re on the go or not, just seems to zap all my energy.

I’m looking forward to the nice days ahead……..I feel so much better when the sun is shining……so I’m hoping I get some of that energy back.



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