What A Great Christmas!

It was….it really was.  My daughter and I had a leisurely morning with cinnamon buns for breakfast.  We opened our two presents each and then got cracking getting everything ready for the dinner.

Turkey was in by 9:30, potatoes peeled, veggies ready etc. by noon.

The other “kids” arrived just after one and then the chaos started.  But GOOD chaos.  Karter loved his spiffy watch….can play games, take pictures and videos….which is what he did all afternoon.  He ran all over the place, inside and out,  doing play by play videos of what and who he was looking at.

My kids got me a wet/dry shop-vac!  I had seen one on sales where my son works, so he scooped it.  It got a workout both inside the house and in the garage yesterday.

Everyone else started arriving around 4:30.  More chaos when my SIL arrived…..she loves the kids and they love her….she’s lots of fun.

Bev made an excellent lazy cabbage roll casserole and everything else was pretty darn good too!  And there was lots of it.  Di made a decadent three layer cake, my brother made almond rocca squares and of course, a bit of wine and beer flowed over the course of the day.

Ken’s brother and his wife were here too, so there were 12 of us.   This was a good, fun Christmas…..kind of like the old days.  Lots of noise, lots of people, lots of laughter.

We played a game after dinner….kind of like Apples to Apples, but an adult version.  The kids headed downstairs to play and watch TV.  My son and DIL even stayed late playing the game.  The little ones fell a sleep and the oldest ended up having a sleep over.

I’m pooped today but will head out later to our friend open house to see the “Christmas friends” that we I only seen once a year or so…..last year was a bit of bust because so many of them didn’t show up!  I hope this year will be different.

It’s a lot of work doing dinner and having everyone over BUT it’s so worth it!  I loved every minute of it.   Only one thing would have made it better but of course that can’t be.   New Christmas memories are now in the making……



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