I’m All Ready!

Yes, I am.  I’m all set….no last minute running around to do so will thoroughly enjoy my day.

Bread bowls are ready….just need a quick warming up.  The chowder is made and just needs warming up too….and it’s really good, if I do say so myself!


I do have 4 presents left to wrap, which I’ll hopefully get done this afternoon as opposed to midnight tonight!  If that does happen it will be entirely my own fault.  It’s that procrastination thing…..the more time I have the more I waste….


Just one of many great ones we seen…..one cul de sac had even wrapped lights around the streetlights, making them look like candy canes!

Had a great time last night looking at Christmas lights.  The weather even cooperated, sort of…..it pretty much had stopped raining/sleeting but was damn cold.  My brother and SIL, brought a blanket for me….very thoughtful….or they knew they’d have to listen to me complain about the cold….I really do NOT like being cold!

I wish I had put up some lights  this year….nothing to elaborate but a string around the door would have been nice.  Oh well….there is only so much I can do and putting up Christmas lights was NEVER MY JOB!  There are just some of those jobs that I can’t do, or don’t want to do and if it’s not a “do or die” one, it gets the lowest of low priority on my list.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve with family and/or friends or even just by yourself…..watch a couple of those hokey Christmas movies, pour a nice glass of wine or whatever, put your feet up…..and be thankful for what you have and all the GOOD memories.



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