Fun Busy Day

Lots of fun stuff to do today!

I don’t care about the mess in the garage, my laundry may get done and that “hoarder room” will still be there next week!

This morning I’m making my bread bowls for dinner tomorrow night and I might just make the clam chowder today….because it’ll taste even better tomorrow!

I didn’t buy too many presents this year, so I’ll get those wrapped this afternoon and tonight we’re doing our Christmas light tour.  It got postponed from last Sunday…..which after my somewhat extended visit to my SIL/BIL’s place was a good thing.  I hope the rain stops though, it’s much nicer if you can get out of the car at some of these lit up places and walk around.

Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve.  Another change.  For many, many years, like 30+ we celebrated it pretty quietly at home with our friends/neighbours, R & G.  But they moved a couple years ago…..downsizing and being closer to kids/grandkids.  So last year it was just my kids, Bev of course, and our other friends, N & S.  It’s never a late night, just the simple dinner that everyone contributes to and a couple of drinks, which was never a problem because everyone was just a walk away from home.  For years, even after all our kids were grown up, they’d all still come over or at least drop by at some point….even their friends would come by!

This year it’ll be just N & S and Bev and my daughter.  Next year it won’t even be N & S, because they too are moving…..ah sigh.   That’s OK though, this seems to be what happens as everyone gets older and since we can’t have those good old, fun days back, all we can do is remember them and enjoy those memories.  We have to accept these changes don’t we and move on….make new fun times…..which I will do!



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