Happy Today

I think I’ve finally gotten into the Christmas spirit!  Better late than never, right?

Maybe because I’m somewhat organized.

All I’ve to go do is my grocery shopping for Christmas dinner.  The house is reasonably clean, which makes me feel a lot better…..now I just have to keep it that way.

I’ve also torn up/recycled all my “to do” lists.  Not that I don’t have anything that needs doing, but I’ve put it all on hold until after Christmas….and New Years.

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking…..which is always a dangerous thing for me…..about my kitchen project, what else I need to do around here, what I need to buy etc. etc.  I rather overwhelmed myself…..where to begin was the biggest problem.  What do I do first.  I just gave up!

I know I’ve done this before……and I know too it won’t last!  But for the time being I’m good….

Today I’m going to pick up a couple more gifts….easy stuff….and putting up the blinds in the garage and that is it!  Whatever else gets done will be whatever I feel like doing, if anything.

I’m glad I’m having a bigger group of people for dinner this year.  That makes me happy.  It’s always a little bit of chaos but that’s what makes it fun I think.

I was thinking about Christmas morning and how there will just be my daughter and me…..but that’s OK too…..it could be worse I guess if it were just me!  I made it through last year and I’ll make it through this one too.  We won’t do presents until the other kids arrive.  It’ll be like any other Christmas morning….getting the turkey stuffed and in the oven then getting the rest of the stuff ready and setting the table.  I’m looking forward to doing all that now.

After today we’ll see a minute or two more of daylight each day…..that really makes me happy! 




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