Two Visits Yesterday!

I made it out to BIL/SIL’s safe and sound.  Had a great lunch, visit and tour of their new house, which is just lovely.  Left around 3:30 so I’d get past the scary road… least the road I wasn’t terribly familiar with….before it got dark.  I didn’t even make it to the highway, which is only 5 minutes away.  Traffic, of which there isn’t a lot, was backed up on their road and the highway.  Finally after about 15 minutes it became apparent that no one was going anywhere.  A looky-loo walked by and told everyone that the highway would be closed for at least another 2 hours!

A stolen car, that was being chased, went over the spike belt they’d put down and then gone flying off the road and down a bit of a cliff.  I couldn’t see much, except for a lot of vehicles with flashing lights, but that would not be a good spot to go over.

I called them and said I was heading back… I stayed for dinner too!  It was kind of like having two visits….now I’ve been there twice, once for lunch and once for dinner….the fact that it was all on the same day…oh well.

I left again around 7:30, this time in the dark.  It was a bit scary and not something I would do again.  I was fine until a car came up behind me…..and believe me there is NOT a lot of traffic along that part of the highway…..he wasn’t tailgating or anything but just having him there was bugging me.  I did think about pulling over but then started thinking stupid things… what if he pulled over too!  It’s a very long, dark stretch of highway and, well you know……

It took about 15 minutes to reach the town/city where the road turned into a two lane highway and there were lots of lights…..a big sigh of relief for me.

I did the drive, which was good.  And I was right, I sang and talked to myself on the way there.   On the way home I mostly cursed to myself…at least that first 15 minutes.

I’m glad I live where I live!  Not far from anything, lots of lights etc.  Having a nice, big,  new house would be lovely but I think I’ll just stick with my little, old,  messy place for now………



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