Off On An Adventure….

…..of sorts!

I’m finally making the trek out to my BIL and SIL’s new house.  They used to live 1/2 an hour away… big deal.  They sold back in the fall and moved out further….they downsized and as she said, they were “house poor”.  That’s being retired, on a retiree income with not a lot left over to travel and do whatever else you want.  Selling their huge house was a good idea…..moving so far away though, I’m not too sure about that…at least for me.

This “trek” would not be a big deal really if it weren’t just ME going.  It’s an hour and half drive now each way.  Normally I would just make it a sleepover, which is what the original plan was, but just to much still to do at this time of year.  If it were Ken and I doing the drive, we’d chat, look at the scenery, critique the houses we see along the way, listen to the radio etc….just a typical Sunday type drive that we used to do.  But it’s just me and I’m not looking forward to the drive.  I’m heading out early and will stay for lunch and then start to make my way home before it gets too dark…..mostly so I don’t get lost out there somewhere.

What will I do on the drive out there?  I guess I’ll listen to the radio, maybe sing along with a Christmas carol or two.  I’m very likely going to be talking to myself too……”oh, look at that!”,  “that’s a really nice place”, “did you see that bird?”…..such fun, NOT.  This will be one of the “first” things…….

I’ve got the address in my phone just in case….they tell me it’s impossible to get lost!  Ha!

The birthday party was fun last night, not a lot of people though…..bad time of year to have a birthday!  Lots of food, laughs and of course there were a bunch of the little kids there too.

I’ve got a stop to make at HD on the way to my adventure…..blinds for my garage.  I putter around out there at night sometimes and if the outside sensor lights come on, it scares me!  So far, it’s only been the local wildlife that activate the lights but since I don’t have a fence up yet, who knows who else could be lurking out there…..not that a fence, even with a gate, would actually stop anyone, but I’d rather not be surprised one night by a face, human, looking IN the window at me!  And of course I have a lot of stuff in the garage that might look interesting to someone snooping around.  It’s alarmed of course, but why take the chance.




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